PROFESSIONAL POLYGRAPH SERVICES of Spokane represents the highest standards in modern polygraph
(only law enforcement, corrections and for attorneys) 

PROFESSIONAL POLYGRAPH SERVICES represents the highest standards in modern polygraph (Lie Detection) examinations.  Certified polygraph examiner Todd Vandivert has over 33 years of law enforcement experience, coupled with polygraph training/certification from the Arizona School of Polygraph Science (an American Polygraph Association accredited polygraph school).

At PROFESSIONAL POLYGRAPH SERVICES we recognize our clients expect the best quality equipment to be employed by a competent and professional examiner, along with the highest level of confidentiality, and that is just what we deliver.

PROFESSIONAL POLYGRAPH SERVICES uses the state of the art polygraph equipment, assuring the most accurate possible results. 

Polygraph examiner Todd Vandivert is presently based in Spokane Washington, but conducts polygraph tests across the state of Washington. 

If you are looking for professional, competent and confidential polygraph testing, call or contact PROFESSIONAL POLYGRAPH SERVICES.

graph examiner Todd Vandivert is presently based in Spokane Washington,  

Professional Polygraph Services, Phone- (509) 315-9933
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